March 16, 2015

Dusting off

Wow, I feel like I've wandered into an abandoned building, a decaying old cinema.
I'm checking things out, clearing away the spiderwebs and all the used ticket stubs that lie on the floor.
The seats are covered with faded and torn velvety material, they are uncomfortable but still serve their purpose.
The screen has rips and stains on it, a few specks of blood.
The equipment still works, miraculously enough.

Now I turn around and look at you and ask:

"hey, after a three year break, what should we watch?"


  1. Anonymous11/4/15

    Wow! Wasn't expecting this blog to be updated! I just wanted to say that while you've been away, I still really have been enjoying your blog, and it's given me some great film recs. So thank you!

  2. Keep going with this blog, i love it!


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